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Photo of The Day – October 16, 2014

Good evening all!

So today’s been lazy and relaxing and making sure I’m better for a long boring day at work tomorrow. There seriously is nothing to do on Social but hopefully it won’t be like that for much longer. We really need to do something to amp up the volume.. I wish we could post content. I’ve been posting content for awhile now and I think I have a fair idea of what really needs to be done. I’ve promoted posts on my own Facebook Page.. I don’t think it’s much different really when it comes to major companies except maybe that they use a 3rd party agency for their promoting. Bleh, oh well.

Moving on! I had the chance to relax and edit some more photos today finally.. so here’s a few. I  hope you enjoy them. They’re from Knoedown back in September before my birthday. Some of them came out really good.. others not so much. I needed something to do that day so I decided to hit it up strictly for the photo ops they had there and it was gorgeous out. The car show itself sucked and I wound up going to Centralia to get more awesome pictures there instead.

I need more photo opportunities to arise for me. I love taking photos. I may take too many photos.. lol. But.. you never know. I don’t think there’s anything like “too many photos” ever. The more photos the more memories you have of something. That’s how I look at it. I started taking pictures when I was 13. I was always the one at my friends house that had the camera in her hand.. and still to this day I’m the one with the camera. It’s a good feeling. Only I’m not an amateur anymore. But yet, I’m not a professional. I’m somewhere in the middle sadly. One day I’ll hit it big… One day.

As for now – enjoy these.!

The Minions of Awesome

The Minions of Awesome

Mustang Love

Mustang Love

Those Clouds Though

Those Clouds Though

Gold Gold Gold Money

Gold Gold Gold Reflections




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