Today started off interesting. Boss had me do these new Form Letters to clients, which is cool because they’re automatically generated but I had to fix a bunch of things on them too and such. Fixed my computer that like crashed for no reason as soon as I got into work. Was barely at my desk this morning…

Jim then decides to tell me to buy these cameras for hockey which look and seem cool.. so I got one for myself for some reason. Idk why, but I like things. Haha. Now we need cards for them -_- blah.

Phone bill came in today also. It was like UNDER 200 and I nearly jumped for joy haha. It hasn’t been under 200 in a few months and I’m happy. 🙂

Heating went down this month which is cool, electric wasn’t that much surprisingly considering the fact I have 3 guys in my house every weekend on their Xboxes almost the entire time playing through all hours of the night haha. Doesn’t bother me… I just like my sleep so I close my door and hope the cats don’t need to pee in the middle of the night if they get trapped in there.

She doesn’t like to be woken either 🙂

This one’s a different story… haha.

I’m finally getting a chance to sit and eat lunch after running to the store yet again on lunch to get a bunch of things I didn’t feel like carrying last night when it was dark out. I spend too much money these days, and somehow still have enough to pay for insurance and other things. What we need right now are a washer and dryer so I don’t have to drag myself down to the place on a Sunday to do laundry…. it kind of sucks and is expensive in a way.

Anyway; back to work now I guess. I don’t wanna but I have to.




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