Baby Got Back.

Monday is here yet again.

I don’t write any blogs on weekends, I’m never really on a phone or computer because there’s so much either going on or for me to do I just never get around to it.

Hockey went awesome yesterday for the guys. Both teams won one game. The first game was a complete shut out though, which sucked because it was just goal after goal after goal.. in which they tired themselves out and lost the second game, which is okay. This is going to be a good series I can see.

Finally got my shirt for the team 🙂 makes me smile that the guys like me and all… I like having people to see occasionally and talk to when I go there.

Got some awesome pictures of the teams, going to take more next week again just because I can, and probably take better ones also; damn sun was positioned wrong and want to get clearer ones on a nice day. I hope it doesn’t snow this weekend. It says it’s supposed to again. 😦

Lauren and Shawn got engaged, congrats guys; so super happy for you two! Haven’t known you long but I wish you the best of luck with everything.

I had a cuddle buddy Saturday night. It made me smile.. even though I was squished into the wall haha. I guess that was payback for all the times in KU that we had that tiny bed to sleep on… it’s alright though. I don’t care if I’m squished really.. ^_^

Oh well, back to work. Well, it’s lunch time now and I think I’m going to go get some food from Burger King or something. For Jim too. Oh yeah, and deliver him his girlscout cookies haha. He only gets one box so he has to make them last! Although they’ll probably be gone within a matter of minutes.

-Koral Dawn

ps; the title of this has nothing to do with the post, lol.


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