So Once Again…

It’s Friday.. Only it doesn’t feel like Friday. I just want to go home and curl up in a ball and watch movies all night or play a game.

I love when his friends are over really though. Jeremy and Ryan are chill. Since they’re over every weekend… It doesn’t bother me much. And things are always so much better .. sneaking around when they’re here… 😉

Anyway. I wish I felt like this today:







But I feel like this kind of:

Anyway, I’ve been getting a decent amount of money back recently from purchases made and then money earned.. Mom still owes me alot though.. but I should really owe her I guess. I just want my tax return and then I’ll be happy. Maybe even enough to go get a washer and dryer that we found online. Hopefully. I have to do laundry too.. damnit. I just remembered 😦

I have no motivation today at all.


So I leave you with this:


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