Darling, I Know It’s Late.

I know you’re weary.
I know your plans don’t include me.
Dreams. What are dreams? Are they really in your head? And If they say “make your dreams a reality” are they no longer a dream?

There is a fine line between need and desire. For example; you desire the thing you cannot have, yet have the thing you do not desire. This happens on more than one occasion and every minute of every day.
People need to realize what they have before it’s taken away from them… Forever.
These days are filled with love, lust, desire, regret and fear. Nobody is quite sure what they want anymore, and when they realize it…it’s far too often too late.

Pay no attention to me, I’m rambling.
It’s midnight and alot has come to me over my friends facebook posts online. I’ve tried to help people when I can, but some people just can’t be helped. Even myself. I’m trying to be happier than I have been in the past, and so far it’s going alright. The friends I’ve tried to help; not so much. It seems they do the opposite of what I say, so maybe I will tell them to jump off a bridge. Maybe then they’ll do the right thing…

I wish nothing but the best for you all.

Reality hits hard sometimes. It’s hit me plenty of times since last year; in the worst ways possible unfortunately.

One can only dream of a better tomorrow. Those who act on it are the ones rewarded. I think I’ll start acting on it.
I need to dream again.