Poor Little Guy

So I took the little kitty to the vet today.

Little Vincent was going to get neutered. He isn’t even my kitty and I felt bad for the little guy. He loses his manhood soon; and he’ll never get it back again. But I think this is what he needs in order to stop peeing on everything. I hope. I feel bad for the little guy.


On another note; I fell asleep on the couch last night while watching Dodgeball with Jim; he passed out as soon as it came on though, which I was expecting anyway. Poor guy was sick as a dog. And then as a result of that… I couldn’t sleep for crap last night. I kept waking up every hour at the same time for some reason. And it was probably because I watched Supernatural… Shit like that freaks me out. Hated Poltergeist… why would I like this crap?

This weekend is Easter. I’m not sure if I should make something for Jim’s uncle’s house or not. I wanted to make like a Peeps Flower.. but I’m not sure. Or Cake Pops.. Maybe. I don’t know. I don;t like showing up without anything someplace. I got it from my mother. She bakes for everything. And I haven’t baked in awhile so I might just make SOMETHING. Anyone have any ideas?

Anyway! Back to work. Caught up with everything yesterday, so all I have to do are the little things for today, and I’m taking a half day today to get caught up with some stuff and make sure the kitty is alright after his surgery.