I can not wait to make these bars this weekend! I came across this on Tumblr and they look amazing!

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This has gotta be one of the most ridiculous desserts I have ever laid eyes on!

A layer of chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough followed by a layer of Oreo cookies,

a few dollops of dulce de leche (caramel) and rich ultra fudgey brownie on top!

I came across this crazy creation on Pinterest and quickly added it to my board of things I should make!  The dangerous thing here is that these are quick and easy to put together if you have a brownie mix kicking around, which I did.

Shared some of these bad boys around today and will wrap up the rest and share them around tomorrow so they’re outta my house for good and I will never make them ever again (okay, well maybe the next time I need dessert for a potluck/BBQ or somewhere there’s a lot of people to share them with) These are serious business.


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