Purpose and Meaning

Someone touched me today. No, not physically, not in that way; but emotionally. And they’re right. I mean I think I’ve been handling myself a little too literally worrying about things that don’t involve me, or have anything to do with me really, and it’s becoming overwhelming to me. I need to step back and think. I want to go somewhere where I can just let go and do whatever I want with nothing mattering if I come back down from the imagination land or wonders.


“I think you’re just struggling with the eternal questions. Purpose and meaning. You obviously don’t like where you’re at. or you don’t like what you’re doing. I once heard “if you’re spending your time worrying, be productive. If you’re too emotional to be productive, take a nap. Life’s too short to spend worrying, and people either never get enough done or never get enough sleep.” and I liked it a lot. And you don’t really have to follow that as literal advice, but maybe stop and think about it. Take a walk. Look at the trees. Try to let yourself get lost in imagination like you did when you were a kid. Just…. Try to be free for another moment like we used to be. Separate yourself to find clarity. or you know, go out and fuck a hot guy ;). Either or; just relax. If there’s not much that can be done now than plan. If you don’t feel like you have plans to be made then dream. If you want something then take it. If you’re holding onto something never let go. But don’t let these questions swallow you up, cause these thoughts, they’re like an abyss. And you should know what people say about an abyss.”


This is the best thing I have ever heard. I simply said to a friend “I’m lost.” and they replied with this. By far the best answer to something so simple ever recorded. And you know what, I think I need to take the advice. I need to start learning from what I’m doing and make myself happy for once, because I’m sick of trying to make others who don’t give a damn about anything happy. Living in a place where no one knows you or cares about you isn’t that easy. Sure you have some friends around you, good, bad, acquaintances .. but in the end, the only person that is going to be there for you, is YOU. I need to learn. And I need to do what makes me happy, alone, before I can take on someone else in my life.