Uh oh… the dead has risen once again!


According to an article on PWInsider.com  there was a “Deadman spotting at the Nashville Predators game last night.  This might just be a coincidence but tonight’s RAW is being held in the same arena that The Undertaker was just one night ago taking in an NHL game.

It has been rumored all month that the 47-year-old is questionable for this year’s WrestleMania due to numerous injuries.   As a fan I wouldn’t want the streak to come to an end for that reason. But then again how much more beating can this guys body take.

Who knows, maybe he is a Predators or Blackhawk’s fan and wanted to see his team play.  But that is a bit of a ride from Texas or Death Valley where ever he is from just to watch a hockey game. OR… he was in town on other business (the WWE) and decided to make his presence known publicly by attending the game because…

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