Hockey In America/Elimination Chamber WWE

So it’s Hockey Weekend this weekend, February 15-17, and today is Jersey Day. Since I don’t have an actual team Jersey… I decided to wear mine that has my name on it from the hockey team I photograph, The Quality Hill Chiefs. Love these guys to bits. I designed the logo for the shirt actually, and I’m super proud of it. Finally, something alot of people wear and it has my “stamp” on it kind of. Makes me smile. I wish I could do more things like this though. Hopefully soon.


Anyway, I hope to see some hockey this weekend, whether it be on TV or at the arena, I think it’s called for. I have to see if my Devils are playing or not. I haven’t been able to catch many of the games because I don’t have all of the NHL channels. Maybe the Chiefs will play Sunday, who knows.

Also, this weekend is the Elimination Chamber PPV for WWE wrestling. I’m kinda super stoked. I know they’re going to have something happen, I just don’t know what. Have you seen Ryback’s Outfit for it? I hear it’s amazing. Lol. Can you see who’s on it? You bet, The Shield. Man do I hate those assholes, I really do. WWE has to get some new writers or something, they’re going downhill if they don’t pull something fast. I know many, MANY things they can do on that show to make it more entertaining. They need to bring the Attitude Era back, the PG13 stuff. No more PG or G rated. We need more fights, more blood, more everything. It’s about time they brought that stuff back into this. They have PLENTY of people who can pull this off now. Bring back Jeff Hardy! Take him off Impact wresting and bring this guy back to WWE. He knows how to spice things up, that’s for sure. I’m sure him and Punk still have enough left in them to fight about, no?

Anyway, Let’s see what happens this weekend, find out who wins the Elimination Chamber PPV and see if Ziggler will FINALLY cash in his Money In The Bank on someone. He needs to get rid of it already, it’s been too damn long.


PS, who’s excited for the Pre-Show? Haha.