It’s Friday, Friday, Friday.

Another week of work gone by. No hockey in the past week to update about as in me photographing. The weather has been pretty shitty here in NEPA for the most part, it doesn’t know if it wants to rain, snow, or just be cloudy. I hope it gets nice enough soon so I can take more pictures and be outside more. I’m sick of this winter already.

Work is getting more and more… worky. UGH is all I have to say about that.

Anyway. Here, have some cute cats:


I really should be doing a bunch of stuff at work right now, but you know me, the big procrastinator. I wish I had Photoshop for my work computer, I would get SO much done here than I normally do at home with the programs… Someone find them for me for PC? Please? I think it would be beneficial haha.

Tonight, is another episode of Smackdown; I hope Randy is wrestling. I love that man, and I have no idea why. He is totally  not my type or anything. I also kinda dig CM Punk. Even though he’s an asshole and dipshit most of the time… I still love him.

I hope this weekend shapes up for everyone. It seems that whenever I am happy, everyone else is down, miserable or just plain sad and it’s like they don’t want me happy, and they prefer i’m the sad one. I mean, yeah, sure, I’m usually miserable because things aren’t going the way I want it to… but once things seem to pick up for me… everyone else in the world is miserable. I can’t take it anymore. WHY CAN’T EVERYONE JUST BE HAPPY?!?!?!