I Hit The Big One!

I just wanted to say thank  you to everyone.

My blog hit 50 followers this morning, and for this not being THAT popular of a site, that makes me super happy. Even though alot of these are just ramblings and things like that, you all follow me. :]

So today, I picked up a Galaxy Tab2, and it’s fantastic. You can go here and look at it as well and see what you think of it. It’s so much better than an iPad; iPad’s are so conformist. With this, you can personalize it and customize it to the full extent, and it’s just like the Galaxy phones; only a lot bigger and more amazing. I can’t wait to get home and really test it out and start playing with it. Definitely worth it in my opinion. Though I’ll probably be broke now for the next few weeks… 

On a side note, since I’m not doing anything this weekend really; I think I’m going to try and make these bar cookie brownie things I found online. Props to The Domestic Rebel for the recipe and making them look awesome. This is also an awesome blog, so please go follow it if you can! Everything looks so delicious. (This picture is also from her, I don’t take credit for it.)YUMS

 Guess what’s also tonight… well, I’ll give you a hint:


No, not kitty fighting, but you’re close… WWE Social Smackdown Friday! It’s going to be a night of everything social and everything awesome. This picture was just adorable and too cute to pass up. I do hope the Undertaker makes an appearance tonight though… him and Punk are signed for Mania, so they have to do something on tonight or Monday about it and start up the story. I hope it’s going to be as good as they say. 

So, on another story… who’s heard about the big blizzard NEPA is supposed to be getting next week? I hope this one actually hits; I want a foot of snow before this winter is over. I mean, it’s supposed to be over already, and spring is supposed to be here… but this weather doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore. All the seasons are meshing together and quite frankly, I’m sick of it really. Haha, stupid weather.


Let’s hope they’re right for once…

Anyway, that’s all for now folks! Enjoy today’s blog and look for another on Sunday or Monday.