Coming soon for people of all ages; the NEPA MAHL.

There will be more information posted at a later date regarding sign-ups and registration and what equipment you’ll need.

This is the Mountain Top Area ROLLER Hockey League. There will be a few age categories; PeeWee, which is for 12 years old and under, in which there will be coaches and people from the adult leagues helping out and teaching the kids. The next age groups is from 13-18 which is the Junior League. Anyone from the 18 and older is considered the Adult League.

Registration is $50 for the adult league, and games will be held up at the Mountain Top/Wright Township hockey rink. The Adult leagues will play Sundays with a rain date/make-up of Wednesdays. The adult league will start May 5th, with May 5th being the first day of the league. Dates and registration costs for the younger groups will be announced at a later date; I will keep this updated and also post a new blog when those are confirmed.

Again, this info here is mainly for the Adult league since we have a significant number of people interested already and can form a few teams.

On this page, you can find all of the temporary forms for sign-ups/registration.

MAHL Facebook Adult Page


A proper website is being created as we speak and when that is up and running and all forms are final; I will be posting another blog about it to anyone in the area that wants to sign up for it.

STRAIGHT FROM THE PAGE: {The Adult Division of the Mountaintop Area Hockey League (18+), will be hosting its first roller hockey season starting on May 5th. The games will be played on Sundays and Wednesdays. There will be one game a week, and the majority of them will be played on Sunday. Wednesday will be used as a makeup day for weather, or certain teams may have to play on this day depending on the amount of teams that are involved. If you are a team captain, and you are interested in making a team for this league, please contact Josh [Teh Mera] on facebook.}