It’s Not Fair When You Say I Didn’t Try

I have been on a Three Days Grace kick recently; probably one of my all-time favorite bands and I still love them, even though Adam left the band recently. I’m debating on going to see them when they come around here or in Atlantic City… but I have to be saving money, not spending so much of it, especially when rent wasn’t even taken out yet for the last month. The landlord says they’re out of town… uhhuh. Well.. then don’t complain that the rent is late when you’re out of town. Lol, sorry, mini rant.

So I have compiled a bunch of pictures for you today of recent things.

This first one is of the new sundae’s from Sonic’s drive through… this thing is like heaven in a little cup. I can eat one of these all by myself, and it’s delishhh. it’s got a brownie under all that ice cream and man is that good. 

Second is of my MooMoo. She was peeking out at me from under the blanket I have covering the window in the apartment to block the glare from the sun. She’s adorable sometimes, and here’s another one to prove it.. 

She thinks she’s soooooo sneaky trying to get my grilled cheese off my plate. She did this last night as well trying to get my chicken nugget off the plate; thinking I didn’t see her. I’ll try to capture a video one of these days and post it, haha.

This poor little guy had to get shaved this weekend because his fur was so matted on his back and belly. He looks like a lion now and just adorable. Jim hates his cut though… but I think he looks cute as anything. :3


And then; there’s these… I bought bagels yesterday and the store by me likes doing spring colors and such for Easter… lol. So I got pink, turquoise, purple and green bagels and everyone thought they were so cool. I wish they did this like once a week, I’d buy them all.

This last one is of me, actually. I went to get a hair cut and eyebrow wax the other day since they were starting to piss me off; and you know what, my bangs are STILL killing me. I hate them, but I want them to grow out, not cut them. This is like the worst part about my hair. I got it shaved too again, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve had that going on for like a while now, I think since before Christmas actually. And well, alot of people like it so I’m keeping it. If I get real daring… I’ll do both sides again, like Jeff Hardy :p I love that man..

ANYWAY, I’ve been sick this week, and so has Jim. In fact, he got me sick, and now I can’t swallow anything except liquids, and even then, it sucks I can’t do it. Atleast I feel it getting a bit better. And I get to leave work today at 1pm for the holiday weekend. Thank god. Even though I’m not going home for Easter… my family isn’t too big on Easter and we don’t really do anything. So I’m stuck in PA with nothing to do except clean OUT the apartment and throwing like everything away. I have so much clutter, it needs to just GO. Well, that’s my plan for this weekend… someone come keep me company? It would be nice since I don’t get invited anywhere anymore. It’s alright though, at this point… I guess I don’t deserve to get invited anywhere really. 

Well, that’s enough for now.. I’ll leave you with this picture of my MooMoo. :]