Photo Of The Day 04/01/2013

Photo Of The Day 04/01/2013

I get bored at work sometimes, and I tend to doodle and color in things such as Mandalas to help with stress… These things have helped awesomely when someone is being mean or I just need a break from everything. I started this one a bit ago and then just picked it up again today because boss man wasn’t in for awhile this afternoon. I need to start doing these daily… I recommend doing some if you’re stressed out from work, or from things at home or anything at all. you can find them on the interwebs and print them out and just take some markers, pencils, crayons etc and just go at it. Trust me, hard to believe but they do help.

Click on the photo and it will take you to a page for kids that you can print out, but here is a link about Mandala’s for adults: