Cat’s Resume

Cat's Resume

Take a look at this closely.

This is absolutely 100% true for all kitties. They think they rule the world and they have the best resume, and because they’re cats you can’t argue with them… it’s sad but true.
I have 3 cat’s in my apartment right now and well, this is totally them.

I have a feeling I’m going to be a crazy cat lady by the time I’m 25, and there ain’t nothing anyone can do about it. They’re just so cute and cuddly and fuzzy and adorable and they actually look like they’re listening sometimes (but they really aren’t..) My MooMoo loves to sleep on my bed with me, and infest me with her white white fur and get it all over the place… There’s just SO much fur, but I don’t care because she’s only nice around me.

Anyone else have a love for kitties and adorable fuzzy animals?