Mad Mad Love

It’s funny how something so simple, can make such a great picture in different angles. Bench


SunshineI was at the park the other day while there was hockey going on and decided I wanted to take a walk. I came across this swinging bench overlooking the baseball field at this particular park and decided to take some snapshots of the bench and the sunset. Yes, they’re black and white… but sometimes black and white came give photographs a new look and perspective if you look at them the right way. I sat there for awhile, thinking of other things to do, but since I didn’t have my normal camera with me, I decided to move on and just keep these. (These were taken with my phone, although you could probably tell that by the quality.)

Today is Friday, thank God. This week was interesting, everything from work to being super tired to just being lame at home. Although, I did get my inks in the mail yesterday, and I’m going to be starting making paintings again, if anyone would be interested in purchasing them. They are going to resemble this kind of:


Not sure how they will do, but I’m going to be putting them up on my ETSY page for purchase. They take about 4 days to complete one because they take some time to dry. I use India Inks on canvas and I think they come out awesome. They’re not professional at all, but it gives me something to occupy my time with whenever I’m bored or need something to do. Maybe I’ll get to finish one of them this weekend so I can post to show you. I used to do these back in college, and an old friend has it up on her wall still in her home. I just hope they sell. And they’re easier to ship then framed pictures. We’ll see what happens! *fingers crossed*

Well, tonight is Smackdown again.. I don’t know what’s going on on that show anymore because I missed last Friday because I went to the hockey game at the arena. (Awesome game by the way, it was fun to watch like a million people get penalties for fights.) But I need to catch back up with this because if you miss one week it’s like woah, all hell breaks loose, if something big happens. If nothing big happens then well, you don’t miss much really. That’s what sucks about it haha. I hope they do something good on there finally. It’s getting lame.

Well, here’s to… *raises fruit punch at work* hoping this weekend isn’t a total bummer like last weekend was. I need to get to start cleaning out my room and throwing things away I don’t need. And I need to send out my penpal’s letter, I’ve been working on it like alot recently, and printing things so it’s not so lame… I need to do that Monday. Someone remind me?