Everybody Wants To Rule The World

It’s true, isn’t it?

Well this little guy here thinks he rules this household; and that just isn’t the case. He’s like bitch, this is my house… every morning when he gets hungry, he decides to jump on top of me, and sit on my back, side, stomach; ANYway he can when I’m still asleep. And then I wake up to this face. Isn’t he just the cutest thing though? I’m definitely going to miss him and Rocky if Jim decides to move out… That’s for sure. :/ I love these kitties so much like my own. (They’d probably be way skinnier without me though, haha I feed them a lot; ooops.) Anyway, say hello to Vincent again from this morning’s wake up call. 


Eventful week coming up I think. This summer is going to be busy actually. Lots of hockey games, lots of sleeping in my car when I want to, lots of phone dying haha. But it’s alright actually. Sometimes the phone dying is a good thing. Means you don’t have to deal with people for awhile and can do your own thing. Sometimes I just need that extra push to have time for myself. We’ll see what’s up though, I have no idea what’s going on anymore these days with anything. One day at a time.

I want to go see that movie Pain and Gain with Marky Mark and the Rock… it looks so funny. Maybe I’ll go one day this week when I’m not dying or not busy lol. I can’t wait to see Oblivion either. Tom Cruise is just mmmmYUM, if you ask me. So many movies coming out and that are actually out I want to see… I’ll just rent them maybe instead of buy them. I keep buying so many new movies and only watch them once and it’s like ohkayyy, waste of 20 bucks for one movie haha. I have to stop doing that. I can just watch them on the TV for like $6 instead; AND pay later lol. Makes things a lot easier.. if I have the money later on. Blah.

Oh well, I think it’s bed time. It was a bad idea drinking that new Monster…. I’ve been awake forever now and it sucks. It’s about 1am, and when it’s this late, I tend to rant on and on and on like I kind of am now. STHAP KORAL! Shhhh. It’s late. It’s sleepy time. Let’s hope I can fall asleep.. *Snore*