Photo Of The Day 20 October 2013

It’s late I know, but I decided to upload my photo of the day, trying to keep in mine with some other stuff and my plan to blog more haha. Not going so well, but I’ll get there eventually.
Today was interesting. I’m super sick and tired all the time.. I need to start going out to take pics more. Gotta use this camera and my new lens I spent my last money on.


This is actually a semi old picture, but seemed fit for the night. I’m black and white with a little color to me. Haha. Atleast that’s what I think.
I’m surrently watching Supernatural in bed with my kitty and she’s loving sleeping on top of me all of a sudden. Romeo has been a bit of a pain lately. He will not be… a cat at all. He’s running all over, chasing MooMoo 24/7 and being a nuisance. Silly cat can’t drink normally out pf a bowl haha. It goes all over the place. He doesn’t know how to cat.


One more pic. This one’s from Vegas when I went. I edited it of course. Snapseed for phones is awesome. 🙂

More tomorrow!