The Remote and Cats

Last night I took some photos of my cats because I was a little bored; and they were being cute for once.

Does anyone notice how cats love love love remotes? Haha. They cling to these things like it’s their prized possession for some reason. It’s like, they need to be connected or something. Ever since I got MooMoo she has been attached to my remotes I have lying in the bed or whenever I’m just watching tv and leave the remote lying there, she jumps for it. She actually muted the TV on me last night! Silly kitty.

She’s such a pain, but I love my little girl so much. Her little squeak is so cute when she wants something, she sounds like a squirrel still.

This was taken a bit ago, but here’s Romeo, being all loveable of course. Haha. He’s one of the most friendly kitties ever. Unlike MooMoo, he is a people kitty. He’ll sit on your face, literally.


See? Point proven haha.

Anyway, just wanted to get these out there. Slow day at work and was kind of thinking of an excuse to blog. So, here you go. ๐Ÿ™‚