Tips- Required or Appreciated?

So there was a discussion on Facebook yesterday between this one girl and a few others in the beauty industry (hair stylists.) This particular person was upset that she didn’t receive a tip from a customer she had at a salon and she got pretty upset about it. Now as I understand, tips are appreciated but never required in the service industry.

In my personal opinion – if it is a job that could technically be done by ones self if given the skill, there is no real reason to tip. You are just lazy and on’t want to do something yourself. As another example – people in the food industry – you are human and can get your own food, having someone bring you your food that someone else makes is just plain lazy. The tip should really be going to the cook for preparing the food that you yourself were too lazy to make in the first place.

I’m not saying I don’t tip – because of course I do for a job well done or service that’s received well.

But for someone to be outrageously upset because one person simply does not tip you in your job – don’t sweat it. Others will come along that are far more appreciative of the job you do so well. Some people are just not as respectful or concerned with the well being of others. So people don’t understand that a few people do in fact live off or try to afford other things with tips – vent, deal with it and move on.

Some people forget that tips are un-taxable by law. *Edit* Now I’m not definitely sure, but not ALL places make you count your tips. It depends on the establishment and depends on the service* For the average person who does not receive tips – their salaries are all taxed. The service industry workers are basically getting under the table money for the job they do. Sure, they may receive less as a pay/salary – but some don’t. Some are still paid a very high amount in dollars plus tips on top of that – UN-taxed.

Let’s leave it to Buzzfeed – The 12 Meanest Ways To Tip

There is no need to be rude about tipping or not tipping – it’s a personal preference and it is NOT required.

Here is an excerpt from MintLife Blog- 


Whenever a server does a poor job at a restaurant, I never want to tip them, but I feel I should give them something. What would be an acceptable tip for bad service?

1. Of course! But you never come back…and you write a very negative review on Yelp. Satisfaction at last. 

2. A good friend of mine, who is a waitress, gave me this advice: for great service, leave a tip plus a penny. This lets the waiter/waitress know that you thought their service was good/great.
For bad service: leave a penny. The waiter/waitress will be aware that you did not forget to leave a tip and that their service was unsatisfactory.
When asked if this was applicable in any eating establishment, she responded that any professional waiter/waitress would know EXACTLY what was meant by the leaving of a penny.

3. I am a waitress, and you should always tip at least 15%.  If you do not, the server is PAYING TO SERVE YOU.  99% of the time they have to tip out to other people in the restaurant (bartenders, hosts, bussers, food runners, managers, etc.) so by not tipping them, they are paying for you to sit there and eat your meal.  Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is that it may not be the servers fault, kitchens/chefs mess up orders a lot of the time.

If you have a problem with something, ask to speak with a manager and complain about what was wrong to them. 

4. When I get terrible service, I always leave a tip under 15% AND a short note saying why.  The note is always written compassionately (because you never know what kind of suffering in that person’s life caused them to perform that way) and gives a solution instead of just complaining.  This lets the server know what went wrong so that they can do something about it and so that this won’t happen again!

I want to know what some of your opinions are-

  1. Do you tip?
  2. Are a good tipper?
  3. Do you believe that tips should be un-taxed?
  4. Do you still tip for bad service?

Thanks for your opinions everyone!