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Photo of The Day – October 15, 2014

Good evening everyone. I’ve finally been able to sit down at my desk and type something. I’ve been sick in bed all day and not really moving much and taking medicine. I decided it was time to get out of bed and hit the computer up for a bit. I had to check in with work because I need to go to a Dr tomorrow morning when I’m awake and then work from home the rest of the day.  Here’s a photo for you all to enjoy from Comic Con this past weekend in NYC. I’ve been a bit lazy and sick to post my full blog about my experience and my first Con – but that will be up this week sometime I think. It was definitely something to remember, I’ll tell you that much. Anyway, here’s the photo(s) of the day for you since I haven’t written in a while. Have some fun – I have plenty more where they came from. I didn’t take too many pictures at Comic Con… there was just no room for anything almost this year. I needed to definitely be there for a few days not just one. But I’m glad I got to spend at least one day. It was definitely worth the being sick now.

New York Comic Con - The Block
New York Comic Con – The Block
Star Wars Limited Edition Prints
Star Wars Limited Edition Prints
Serenity - FireFly Model priced at $7,000.00
Serenity – FireFly Model priced at $7,000.00