The Devil Taught Me How To Dance

Did you ever just sit there and wonder why things happen? Why someone picks on someone. Why someone decides to work. Why someone chooses to play this video game over that one.. it’s all a part of the plan. People know what they want and they’re determined to do what they want, when they want. No rules, no regulations, no strings.
I know what I want and when I want it. And as much as I shouldn’t let it… things get in my way.

And here I am lying in bed at 10 pm at the age of 24 when I should be up hanging out with friends or playing games or going to see a movie or drinking or anything really.. I feel like a bum sometimes and I can’t help it. When people let me down and don’t seem to care, it makes me want to just sleep to make the next day come faster; as if something will change. But I know it never will. Nothing will ever change. I will always be let down and I will always just be there. I will never be the invited by the wanted… I will never be first in line. And it’s now a proven fact with the events of the last few weeks.
Remember: hold on loosely, but don’t let go. Usually it’s too late when you realize what you had.

While that’s on my mind; I need to drown it out with some pictures. Here are 3 I took of my friend Emle while she was up from MD. This purple dress was stunning on her and I want it.




Maybe on to better days in the coming weeks with the holidays.