Photo of The Day December 15, 2014.

Been a while. I always say I’m going to write more but then I don’t for some reason. I really need to keep up with it I think.

Anyway here’s your photo of the day. I took this while up in the mountains with Tricia 2 weekends ago and I want it. It was in the gallery of antiques so I can’t buy it.. but it would make an awesome display piece if I was richer.


It’s Monday everyone, so don’t let it suck too much.. but you know it will. I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already. This year was probably rhe worst year I’ve ever had and it started with new years eve last year. I don’t really want to remember most of that. I hope this Christmas and New Years Eve is better. But I have nothing planned for either.

Have a good one, everyone!