Photo of The Day January 12, 2015

Happy Monday!

Been a long long stressful day at work and im laying in bed going to bed soon actually. I need so much sleeop, its not even funny. But! I’m on a roll, folks! More posts than ever right now. So far living up to this resolution of posting more.
Let’s keep it going.


This is a photo of behind my bed. I really like the lights at night now. I know alot of people like to sleep in complete darkness, but these give me a sense of comfort on those lonely nights. I normally don’t unplug them at all and let them give light to my room. They give it a little class I think.


This is a little throwback from out Halloween party at work. They decorated the tables with fall items and Halloween confetti and it was awesome to take photos of. I wish I had gotten more of the table fixings like this. This app on my phone I edited this with is amazing, too. Most of what I post here is from my phone these days unless I go to an event and take my camera. They’re still not bad though, right?

More tomorrow or  Wednesday!