365 Reasons To Smile

So I’ve started a new project, and I’m hoping to stick with this one. I know last year I started a 365 Photo project, and stopped at day 150 or so. I’m hoping to get through all of this year.

Everyone’s always telling me how down I look or how sick I am or how crappy I seem whenever I’m out or even at work. Well, I decided that I need to find at least one thing a day that makes me smile, no matter how simple it is. I need motivation and happiness to come back into my life and decided to come up with this while I was at Michael’s Arts and Crafts today.

What I did was grabbed a medium sized heavy glass jar, more of a square vase if you will. I then went to find some Washi Tape (or craft tape, as Michael’s calls it because I don’t know, it’s crafty?) Decided on one that has birds and crowns on it. It kind of has an antique feel to it in a sense. As I was walking around, I found some adhesive edging I really liked and it happened to be white, and I’ve come to like white things recently. You can see what I mean by the pictures below.

I came home and went into Photoshop and decided to create something simple with a similar crown for the label of the jar. Bouncing off that idea, I also created 2.5″x2.5″ notecards in Photoshop with 9 to a page and printed them out as well. Just so, you know, the theme matched. I took some photos of the project, and they’re down below. They were only taken with my phone, so they’re not great quality, of course, but it’s what I had at the time. The label is a nice pink color, along with the note cards I created.

20150118_165602_1 20150118_165618_1 20150118_172009_1 20150118_172015_1 20150118_172030_1 20150118_172040_1 20150118_172422_1 20150118_172914_1

Hopefully I’m able to keep this up, throughout the year. I plan to take them all out at the end of the year, on New Years Eve, and read them all. One thing a day that has made me smile, no matter how small of a thing it is. It could be my cats, for all I know. Let’s make it a good year, then, so I have new and exciting things to write about.

The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.” -Albert Ellis
More later guys, I have to try and eat something right now, as I’m sick with something and can’t eat solid foods.. So far I’ve had soup today and need something of substance.
||Koral Dawn||

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