You Put A Sour Little Flavor In My Mouth

Cross my heart and hope to die
Burn my lungs and curse my eyes
I’ve lost control and I don’t want it back
I’m going numb I’ve been hijacked
It’s a fucking drag
I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you
So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do
You’re worse than nicotine

I’m sitting at my computer on a Saturday night with nothing to do and nothing I really can do. My roommate is out at a bar with some guy because her and her boyfriend broke up today and here I am working on a budget to send to my family to see if they can help me out at all because I don’t have a job right now.

Yes, I lost my job, no I did not quit. The place was starting to change anyway, and it wasn’t for the better. I’m not going to talk bad about the company at all, but things in there need to change, and I’m sorry I won’t be there to see any of it get done, if any of it gets done. I highly doubt it will, and all of my ideas and suggestions that were given are going to just be brushed under the rug for the 3rd time now there, and never seen again. Especially since I’m not there anymore, well, I think that place is going to need some immense help and I can’t be the one to do it anymore. Everyone else is too shy or stupid to speak up there and no one will now that I’m gone. I had the courage to do all of that and this is what I get for it and well, sorry, can’t help you anymore guys. I really enjoyed it there at first. It was awesome. And things changed and changed again, and then changed again and someone new came in and I wasn’t a fan at all of them. On to better and bigger things for me though, I can’t sit here and be miserable at all, and I won’t. Right now… I am because well, I’m still depressed from it and I know I’m going to lose a lot of my possessions in the coming months.

In these coming years
Many things will change
But the way I feel
Will remain the same

Some things need to start changing around here. And not just the job scene. With everything. I’m thinking about moving again this year… state hopping maybe again to a different state but I’m not even sure yet. I get bored easily with things.. but there are a few things I’ll miss around here if I left. Definitely a few people would barr my decision from moving in the first place. But in the end, I have to do what’s best for me. And if that means picking up and going away and never coming back, then so be it. I’m not sure where I’d go, or what I’d do with no money and nothing else going for me, but I’ll figure it out.

I’ll be missed at my job, I know I will because, well, I did a damn good job at it and I have all the proof that I need. Bring in someone new and people start losing their shit, and everything goes to hell. No wonder why the company hires so much, they can’t fulfill the needs of the employees and keep the good people that actually try. My team’s going to suffer, and so is the chat team, but it’s not my problem anymore. I’m so sorry… well, maybe just a little. I’m more sorry for myself than for them. I got nothing but ignorance and crap out of my “team” for a long time now, ever since the one good supervisor left, and now they’re just trying to show that they can actually be leaders for once. I know alot of people that still work there, and I can’t wait to see how they handle it because they liked me. And you know what, I liked them. They’ll get over it though. That’s what companies do. Screw people up, dump them, and then just get another. But you know what, I’ll be better this time around and I’ll be better without them.

I’m gonna let you bleed for a little bit
I’m gonna make you beg just for making me cry
I’m gonna make you wish you never said goodbye

More tomorrow.



||Koral Dawn||

*Ths featured photo was found on a Tumblr Blog here.


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