Sunday Mania – The Feels

So I’m sitting here watching Wrestlemania alone. I knew I was going to, everyone is way too tired to do anything and you know what, I kinda am as well so I don’t care. I can enjoy my house by myself since I’m alone tonight and I can chill. It’s good to be alone sometimes. But not all the time.

I’m actually quite enjoying this year’s stuff. I wish Sting won though. Shawn Michaels, you pretty older man, stop messing with the wrestlers. It was cool to see nWo and Hulk and all of DX again and for them to all be civil like. Even all the old guys coming out to congratulate Daniel Bryan was pretty awesome too, with all the one liners who were past Intercontinental Champs. I wish I could have gone to Mania and had this experience. But I’d only want to go if I was sitting close. I’m not paying that money to see specks of dust float in front of my eyes from that high up in a stadium.

The halftime show if you want to call it that could have used some work. Really? You could only get Skylar Grey or whoever she is? You can’t get Kid Rock again or something better? I mean Travis Barker was a good choice… but ya’ll need something better I think. This would have been my time to go pee and get food at this point because I’m kind of bored listening on TV lol.

You know, I think I would be a wonderful Diva for the WWE. I can be a bad-ass hardcore woman and I know I can pull off the cuteness kind of. Mix AJ‘s craziness with Paige‘s looks… I got this. Does anyone know if there’s anyone names Ravyn in WWE, lol. I’d go hand in hand with Sting and we’d be badass… Hey, a girl ca dream can’t she? Maybe one day. I’m already almost 25. No better time to start than 2015 before I turn a quarter century year old right? #letsdothis

So then The Rock showed up… and 76,000 people’s eyes lit up and I’m like well then.. who DOESN’T like The Rock?? You have to be dumb if you don’t like him and Stone Cold Steve Austin. “Okay, we get it, you’re happy to see him, can we be quiet now?” Gee Stephanie, you’re quite the bitch tonight, lol. But you’re still hot so it’s okay. Just stop doing stupid stuff and actually do “what’s best for business.” “You can either go back there and dress like Terminator again… or we can create a Wrestlemania moment right now, right here.” This guy is probably one of my favorites ever in WWE even though he doesn’t show often. I wish he came back for more than just major things. I really hope they bring out some girl to fight Stephanie because she’s a bitch and it’s kind of awesome. I wish The Rock would fight her…. that’d be awesome. Or bring out Stone Cold, because why the hell not? I mean, I guess a UFC fighter would do you know. She can take her ass down no problem. Staged, obviously, but still. More badass then WWE. “She gonna play jumprope with your fallopian tubes.” 

Undertaker is back, which makes me happy. Even though the streak was ended… that doesn’t matter. Bray Wyatt is pretty nifty too though. His stage show is just awesome, too bad it’s not dark there for it though. It needs to be dark in the stadium for the  candle light. It’s too early in the day for his awesomeness. He looks pretty damn good for his age and size, and definitely better than last year. He’s a huge man, lol, I’d never want to meet him in person because I’d be a midget and probably run and hide. True story. He looks super fit right now and has hair; but I’d never be able to wrestle in jeans like he does. Alright this match is taking too long, as much as I love him. But hey, he won so that’s all that matters. Looks like he hurt himself too with that head bop, ouch.

The only thing we have left now is Roman Reigns, and DAMN, is he sexy too. I could care less about Brock… he’s a sissy anyway and quit MMA also. Get some eyebrows man, you’re really starting to scare the children. Why would you say “I respect no one?” How rude can you be? Check yourself, before you wreck yourself bro.

Well anyway, it was a good show. I wish CM Punk came back… that would have been the best part if they brought him out just well, just because. I miss him. He was always such a good mic person and knew how to piss off the crowd.

It’s getting late and I need nappy time. It’s been a long weekend. Long… but good actually starting from Friday night.





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