Well it would take a year to explain myself to you all. You’ll get most of it from my posts.

This is an everyday blog that I am revamping to post atleast a little snippet once a day. That’s my goal from now on. I need to make time for me, and I need to start posting regularly.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Mavet says:

    So I’ve sat here trying to think on what to write, especially since I can’t recall how I found this wonderful blog anymore, but it’s a bit hard for me to.
    I can say it’s pleasant to see a person who’s gone through their own struggles and demons still keep their head on them. I can say I know what it’s like to lose love and have trust issues, it’s a hard struggle to get over those things and I still struggle with the first one severely. In fact I myself have become decently jaded because of those things, but I digress. Your blog is a small shimmer that, despite all this chaos and insanity around us, we still can maintain a bit of ourselves.
    Oh and wanted to say something about Counter Strike. Try out one of the various mod servers for it, possibly Warcraft or Zombies, both of those make the game immensely entertaining.
    So for now I’m going to pop off with a little lyric quote of my own for you. Hope you continue writing this
    “You can see we’re alive
    You didn’t think we’d survive
    From the hills and the ground
    We’ve risen from the sound
    Through the flames, Purified”


  2. KayeRavyn says:

    I’m not really sure who you are but, THANK YOU. This really made my day and quite possibly week after having such a hard week last week. I write a lot about me, and I’m trying to change it up a little bit, but it’s tough when you’re used to one thing.
    I appreciate what you’ve written, and I’ll continue to write just like I have. I wish I had more time to write, to be honest, but sometimes I feel like I’d be babbling more or less, and I hate when I do that. (Kind of like I am right now…)
    There is a bit of me left in this blog, but I want it to show more, and that is something I’m working on.
    Thank you for the heads up in CS, I appreciate that definitely. I’m not too into games like that, but I figure I’ll try something new once in awhile.
    Have a great evening and Thank you again.


  3. Mavet says:

    Glad I could help somehow, I greatly enjoy when I can help someone or bring a smile to their face. Honestly there’s no absolute need to change up your current style or topics what so ever. When I have written in my notebook I tend to write whatever is on my mind, whether it’s a lyric I like, a topic on my mind, feelings I’m going through, or a little poem/song idea. Your style is enjoyable cause we get to peek into your inner self to a degree and see how a person continues their life despite whatever issues may face them. Also I don’t perceive I don’t your entries as babbling really. Maybe try to view it as a day-by-day basis autobiography?
    Though if you’re looking for new games to provide entertainment or distractions I could perhaps give a few suggestion. I’m a big time gamer myself and I branch myself over almost all the genres out there. Least I can do for someone letting us peer into their life.
    Also no need to thank me what so ever, it’s a pleasure. From what I’ve read you seem like a good person who has issues I can greatly relate to. In fact I should thank you for putting so much of yourself out there for us to read. It’s helpful for a person who struggles with their own demons to see what another person is going through despite theirs.
    All I can say now is try to keep a chin up and smile on

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  4. KayeRavyn says:

    Honestly, I do believe I am a good person, and I’m glad someone else who doesn’t know me at all personally can see that. That makes me really feel great, especially since my entire past year has just crumbled before me.
    I’d take any suggestions of games really. I like trying new things but I’m more of a puzzle gamer like Portal and things like that. I’m trying to find distractions from life daily. I shouldn’t, but I do.
    I enjoy that idea though for a day to day autobiography, that sounds interesting. I tend to write lyrics with what pertains to my mood at the time, as you can probably see lol.
    My chins up, but I’m not so sure I will be smiling constantly just yet.
    It’ll get there after time I’m sure.


  5. Mavet says:

    Well I sent you a friend request on steam. If you want to chat or just vent to somebody feel free to accept and blast away. Always willing to lend an ear and opinion to a person if needed.


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