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I would love to hear about any partnership/collaboration ideas that you may have!

The focus of my blog is to share other blogger stories about mental health & daily life struggles, and the things that help them stay sane & kicking butt at life. As someone who’s worked and written about mental health for the US military and their families, I wanted to continue the effort along the way and re-brand my blog to share others’ stories.

**At this time, I am not doing any “post for post” collaborations. I am only accepting guest blog posts regarding mindfulness, mental health, disability or overall wellness at the moment. If you have a story that you want to share with the world, or want your post to possibly help others, then feel free to send your idea my way!

I am open to doing the following:

  • Post Swaps (or sponsored posts)
  • Product Reviews
  • Guest Post Writing for Feature
  • Event Appearance & Live Social Sharing
  • Contests & Giveaways

Here are my current guidelines for posting with me: (updated January 2020)

  • Guest posts should be 500-700 words in length (excluding the author bio, titles and social media links.)
  • The maximum amount of photos for each guest post is 2-3. If using stock photos from Pexels or Unsplash, please include citation with each photo in your post or in your email to me.
  • When sending your guest post, please attach the photos to the email at high resolution. Do not put them in the document, as quality will be severely hindered.
  • As of today (January 1), I am full up until March with guest posters since I am only doing one per weekend at the moment. I am now looking for end of winter, spring, college and anything mental health related or mindfulness related.
  • I’m not only taking posts regarding mental illness – I’ve expanded to include disabilities and mindfulness (meditation how-to’s, aromatherapy, music for relaxation etc.) I’m always a fan of having repeat guests who follow my guidelines, so if interested please let me know.
  • When your guest post goes “live” on my blog, please share the crap out of it! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest you name it – and please tag me! The point of having guests is to help promote each other. My social media links are below, and I am heavily using Twitter these days. I always respond to blogger share threads with my latest posts throughout the week at least 10 times with your post if you happen to be the guest for that weekend. I would hope you do the same! Here are a few good ones to follow on Twitter: The Clique- Bloggers RTGingerBloggers RTGolden BloggerzBlogging BabesAll Those BlogsBlogger Love ShareBlogLove, and Bloggers Hut. (I realize some/alot of these are UK based – but the more the merrier and I have a lot of followers from the UK.) They have daily blog comment threads or follow threads to discover new bloggers and blogs to read and it’s one of the best ways to get your post out there to be read.
  • When you send over a guest post, please be sure to include your author bio, a photo of yourself (good quality if you can, no selfies!) and your social media links so I can promote you on social media as well.
  • Please note, all articles must be new and unpublished work. Meaning, you are writing a guest post for my site and my site alone. If you are wanting to publish it to your blog or website after it is live on my site, you must state that my site is the host and original source, with a back link to The Unsanity for your readers.

If you are interested in working with me on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me at – for the most recent updates to my requirements to guest blogging, please subscribe as I often put the changes in there!


Mental Health Magazine

Interested in helping my start up magazine that I’d like to get rolling soon? As a contributor of $10 or more, you’ll get access to the first publication for free, free advertising spot with me for 3 months and a shout-out on social media (Instagram, Facebook Pages or Twitter) for helping out!



8 thoughts on “Contact/Work With Me

  1. Hi there, I am interested in collaborating. I write a blog called Spiritually Premeditated, which documents my journey as a spiritual enthusiast, yogi, meditation practitioner, and a person living with a mental and physical illness.

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  2. Hello!
    I am interested in collaborating and being a guest poster. My blog, To Love and Live, is a healthy lifestyle blog. While I have not personally struggled with a diagnosed mental illness, I have been through mental/emotional abuse through my first marriage. I would love to share my story to help spread to others!

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  3. Definitely interested and would love to collaborate with you! Send me an email to and I can better explain!
    I’m originally from NJ! But moved to PA in 2011 to Wilkes barre/Scranton area and now out here in WA. We’re getting married back in PA though in May!


  4. Hey there! I am interesting in collaborating as our niches blend well together! My blog is entitled health and humility and I tend to write about anything in the entire realm of wellness body spirit mind what have you. Let me know if your interested the link to my blog is:
    P.S. I noticed you moved from PA…which part? I am originally from the Pittsburgh region 😁

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