This is where you’ll find the facts about me.

1. I’m totally open to anything new.

2. I’m still heartbroken.

3. I’ve found, and lost love one too many times, and it killed me.

4. I only have a few close friends…. But plenty of enemies.

5. I’m too kind and good hearted. It’s a downfall.

6. You don’t know me.

7. I’m a nerd.

8. I have finally been off the East Coast, to Vegas and Arizona.

9. I want to visit Hawaii, Australia, and Hungary one day.

10. Waiting sucks..

11. I’ll always be a Jersey Girl at heart.

12. Disney… just Disney. That is all. โค

13. My favorite band is and will always be Kill Hannah, no matter how much it hurts to listen to them.

14. I have never had Nutella.

15. I have three best friends.

16. I have trust issues due to the way I’ve been treated in the past.

17. I love to bake goodies.

18. I hate tanning. I like being translucent.

19. I want to learn how to play Magic better, and actually go to tournaments one day.

20. I own the DMC series on DVD.

21. I like Eminem.

22. I love to photograph, and be photographed.

23. I used to be a hardcore goth, and wander my mall with my best friend and feed people gummy bears on Friday nights.

24. I’ve had a crush on the same guy since 3rd grade… and I have no idea where in the world he is anymore.

25. I’m always going to complain about my weight, no matter what anyone says.

26. I love NYC, it’s my home away from home.

27. My first concert that I was allowed to go to by myself was Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein and Aiden back in 2004.

28. I complain too much.

29. I’m still in love with someone, and will be forever.

30. I dance like an idiot.

31. I like MTG and Pokemon; deal with it.

32. I work in Social Media for a major company now, and it’s fantastic.

33. I want to own a house one day.

34. I am now unsure if I want kids.

35. I like hockey. I miss playing with my family.

36. I can’t ice skate that well at all. I blade.

37. Buy me rollerblades andย you’ll be my best friend.

38. I broke my tailbone playing Tetherball when I was 16.

39. I’ve broken my neck, and I’m still alive.

40. I always want more than I can handle.

41. I need to remind myself there’s more than one person in this world for everyone.

42. I actually like my job.

43. I don’t live at home anymore. To be honest… it’s not great.

44. I tried to be someone else once… that just wasn’t me.

45. I think I found who I’m supposed to be.

46. He still makes me happy.

47. Life goes on.

48. I miss someone more than words can say.

49. I always have the “what if” in my head.

50. I’m usually always alone.

51. I want a nice car one day that I can go fast in.

52. I want to be a Suicide Girl.

53. Mustang, please.

54. I know what you did.

55. I miss wearing black nail polish all the time.

56. Upside down… or inside out?

57. I am a pro exacto knife user since 8th grade.

58. I hate carrots and bananas.

59. I like writing letters. Want one? Email me your address.

60. Old people make me laugh.

61. I enjoy a good facebook spamming once in awhile by one of my best friends Sarah. She always knows ho to make me laugh.

62. I want to do professional photography one day, not this minor stuff.

63. I went to school for Graphic Design/Advertising Art.

64. I always forget to eat, no matter what.

65. I have 15 tattoos. They’re addicting.

66. I have terrible eyes.

5 thoughts on “Facts

  1. You’re by far one of the most interesting bloggers I have ever come across ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re such a complex person and so interesting! I think you should relish in who you are and continue to be this awesome inspiration! I look forward to reading more about your fabulously intriguing life ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, thank you so much! That just made my Thanksgiving a little bit better! Have a great one! I will continue to write as I have, but I think I’m headed in a bit more of a Geek/opinion way but I’ll mix it up a bit! ๐Ÿ™‚ -Koral


  3. I own iDropped Hanover Twp./Flexatek. You retweeted one of our tweets today. Now I’m stalking you. ;P Starting a new company Versathink in January. Mad cool creative projects in the works for 2014. Already hired a photographer though. You should still say ‘hi’.. I know you do more than that. Are you still in NEPA? dawn@versathink.com.


  4. Haha its alright! I do live in NEPA still for a long while. Been here almost 3 years now sadly, lol.
    Glad you found my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚
    What kind of creativity you have going on? Give me a shout sometime. I’m at work right now but can get back to you on lunch!


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