Photo Of The Day 11/12/13

Happy 11 12 13! Today is just like any other day. The wars, the dramas, the celebrities and their sick crap they do *coughmileycough* but it's also snowing! Well, it did snow here overnight. Its snowing in Jersey right now and they're getting what we got I believe. But anyway, this photo was taken last … Continue reading Photo Of The Day 11/12/13


Photo of The Day 03/20/2013

This is a photo of one of the flowers on the bouquet that my friend Jessica sent me after a friend of mine passed away. They lasted a super long time, for flowers I think, and I was able to take some awesome pictures of them before they wilted away. I love to take pictures … Continue reading Photo of The Day 03/20/2013

New World Order

This was actually taken with my phone, it's only 8MP, but this is amazing. I had to share it with you guys. I really like taking nature photography and landscapes etc. I don't know what it is about them, but sometimes they can just be so pretty. I've done so many, and they're all different.